I call myself an artist although I have neither studied art nor work in the art field. I have always produced some kind of art or craft work. Over the years, I have met good and inspirational teachers in various art schools and classes. Manual work – anything from doing monotype to sewing – gives me great satisfaction and is a good balance to too much thinking.

I came across monotype years ago and loved it from the start. I enrolled in classes with Helsingin työväenopisto and for the past few years, I have been working on my own in a studio.

I had to make a memory game, as I have loved playing that kind of game since I was a child. It is a simple, yet challenging game; it can be played anywhere, with anyone and without a complicated set-up.

The outcome was not good when I was tired, stressed or too full of other things. Music was a great inspiration while doing the monotypes – so they are made with mood and music. I listened a lot to Radiohead and to fantastic Finnish bands, like Ilmiliekki and Oddarrang, or to Verneri Pohjola’s Aurora.

Photo by Aatu Heikkonen
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